Friday, 8 July 2011

Italeri: Merkava I

This miniature from Italeri on a 1:72 scale is a fine piece of military equipment from the IDF. The Merkava is first used in Lebanese actions in 1979 and is still in active duty. The fourth version of the tank is the most recent and launched in 2003. The future of the tank uncertain. The Arab enemies in the region are using more and more strong Western cavalery. The IDF is thinking about changing the main cavalerist for the American Abrams M1.

The tank is build as a defensive machine and designed to fight infantery also. The backward entrance and multiple 8 mm machineguns show the character of this tank.

The model of Italeri is well shaped miniature of the Merkava I and is very well sculpted. Some pieces can't attach that well, but that's very easy to fix.

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