Monday, 4 July 2011

News from Revell

Revell has updated the page on it's 1/72 Leopard IIA6M model. The updates include a new release data (September 2011 instead of August) and features of the model.

The feature that stands out the most is the fact that this model will feature a 'two piece plastic track that bends'. This souds cryptical but the model will probarbly feature a plastic track made out of two long pieces instead of many small ones as seen with the 'link & length' concept. The long plastic track be bend in to shape quite easily avoiling the 'corners' seen in a 'link & length' style track. the only model I know of with this feature are the M1A1 and M1E1 Abrams tanks from Hasegawa. Having build these models I can say this type of track is an inprovement over the already very good 'link & length' tracks.

Looks like we have a real winner on the way from Revell! More information can be found here.

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