Monday, 25 July 2011

Pz. Kfw III L

The Pz. Kfw III L is one of the last versions of the german Pz. Kfw III. It was armed with a 50mm Anti-tank gun which became ineffective against allied tanks as the war progressed. Most Pz. Kfw. III where converted to StuG. III's.

Revell has two models of the Pz. Kfw. III, a L version (nr. 03133) and a K version (nr. 03117). Both models are in production at the moment. The difference between the versions is the exaust and extra armor plating (schürtzen) which is only included with the M version.

The box-art of the current releases.

I've build the L version and was impressed by the detail of the model and the fit of the parts which is outstanding. Building it right from the box will produce a very nice model but on the hull I added wire for the lights, an antenna and replaced the towcable on the reardeck. On the turret I added handels & small raincovers over the side hatches, attachment points for gear and a strip on the underside of the radio basket (the large thing on the back of the turret) to make the model even more authentic. In addition I made a rack on the rear deck for fuel and water jerrycans. This was a field modification often made in reallity. The commander hatch can be build open which I've done. The model was finished in Afrika colors and 'chipped' with panzergrey to simulate where the paint is worn away by the rough dessert environment.

Slighty less good as the Leopard I model reviewed before which is simply perfect but still highly recommended!

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