Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Leopard II A2

The Leopard II is one of the most advanced tanks in the world but, like it's counterparts, also a quite old one. The first batch of Leopard 2 's left the factory in 1979 and is known as the A1 variant. Modifications where made resulting in a rapid succession by the A2, A3 and A4 variants. The A4 variant can be seen as the definitive model of the past century and all A1, A2 and A3's where upgraded to this type. Around the turn of the century the A5 variant was developed having more armour. At this moment the A6 is the most used type which differs from the A5 in armament. while the A1 to A4 version hardly differ on the outside the A5/A6 version is clearly distinct from the A4 on the outside.

Hasegawa offers a model of one of the earlier types of the Leopard II. The only difference with the Leopard II A4 on the outside is the location of a windspeed meter (this is the sphere on a stick on the turret). It is gone on the A4 version.
The Hasegawa model has about 40 parts and the wheels and tracks are molded as one part for each side. The detail on the running gear is a bit sparse but this is not a problem since it can't be seen very well anyway. An other weak point are the grabhandels on the otherwise very well done turret. These are a kind of small 'balconies', I've replaced them with plastic rods and card. I also drilled out the three lifting hookd on the turret. Apart from these minor issues the model is very good. There is also a figure included, not a good as figures from special figure sets but crew figures are hard to find so you won't here me complaning. I've used my crew figure on the Leopard I A5 seen earlier on this blog.

When the early types of Leopard where in service they where all painted monotic green. I remembered this video from years ago with leopards painted with white strips for the wintertime:

(specific footage at 0:20 and further) I decided to paint mine in this scheme.

On to the photo's!

It was a very nice model to build, the parts are not as numerous as on the model by Revell making it slighty less detailed. The model can be build fast though.

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