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The M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage was a M3 Halftrack modified to carry a Maxon AA turret in the back with four .50 machine guns. The weapon was effective against aircraft and soft armored groud targets as well. The turret was electically operated and the guns could be "centered" to have the bullets converge at one point at certain distance. This distance could be modified constantly. The weapon played a large role in the battle of the bulge. The turret was also used in vietnam where it was placed on the back of a M923 Bigfoot truck.

There are no models of this guncarrier in 1/72 revell has one availible in 1/76 scale (model no. 03228). Italeri recently released a few versions of the M3 halftrack as fast assembly models (model no. 7510). I decided to put both models together to make a M16 MGMC.
Boxes of the present Italeri and Revell releases. The Italeri box comes with two models.

The revell model is a release of the old Matchbox version and is a few decades old, it still is a good model on it's own however. The Italeri model is brand new and in true 1/72 scale. The detail on the outside is done very well but a bit lacking on the inside. In this case it is ideal because the parts of the revell model have to go in there anyway. The rivets and other small details are more pronounced on the Italeri model which makes them more visible but a bit overscale perhaps. Wether you like this or not is a matter of personal taste.

The most difficult part of this conversion was the fact that the sides of the Italeri halftrack have to be cut down and the removed section had to be cut in to shape. This to represent the part of the side that can flap over to allow the gun to rotate. Apart from this most parts of the Revell model can be directly glued to the Italeri version. At some points some plastic card was needed to fill up seams and holes. I can give a describtion in words of what was done to build the model but I rather let the photo's do the word. (Dark green are Revell parts, Light green Italeri parts and white is plastic card)

The model was finished in oliv drab and white bands to represent a vehicle used in the battle of the bulge. Arifical snow was made by simple chalk, this can be washed off at every moment. White paint for wintercamouflage was not the best paint availible and wore off quite fast. This is an ideal excuse to give the white parts of the vehicle a good weathering showing off all the detail. The same was done with a darker version of the oliv drab. Let the results speak for themselves:

As said this model is not availible in true 1/72 scale. The revell model in 1/76 is quite good on it self and must be an easy model to assemble for every oe but the very beginner. The only difficulty might be the fact that the parts are molded close to the sprue making removal sometimes a bit difficult.
The Italeri model is very good on the outside and can even be made without glue.

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