Monday, 22 August 2011

Skirmish in the sand

Now it is time for some figures! Here some pictures of a diorama I finished yesterday. It is a skirmish between crusaders (order of St. John and some seculair knights) and Saraceens. It is not set in a particular time or place. The figures are from Italeri, Revell, Valdemar Miniatures and Strelets.

The scene depicts an attack on a knight (the yellow blue guy on the horse back) since the can ask a lot of ransom money for him if they capture him. The footsoldiers have diverted their attention to the Sacaceen on the horse and Saraceen groundforces are moving in from the other side. But the knight is an experienced warrior and doesn't fall for this, meanwhile foot soldiers are rushing in to fill up the hole in the defences, you dicide who wins!

Click on the pictures for a larger version!

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