Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tech Tip I - Gunbarrels

Sometimes gunbarrels are supplied in two halves. Since a gunbarrel is a rather eyecatching part of a tank it is important that this part looks good. Some people buy a metal aftermarket replacement for the gunbarrel but in 1/72 there is not really much to choose. A metal gunbarrel can also be quite heavy causing the barrel to point down all the time. This is especially the case with gunbarrels for artillery weapons. To make matters worse; these barrels are big so that they are often supplied in two halves.

So how do you glue gunbarrel in one piece in a propper way? The best way to explain this is by looking at the three mistakes you don't have to make.
1. It is important to align the two halves properly when glueing the barrel.
2. Glue the barrel by applying a thin kind of glue with a 'weld effect'. (That is a glue softening the plastic so you kind of 'weld' the halves together, the thin version revell contacta in the glass jar with brush is a good example of this glue) When the glue is really dry you sand away the weldseam. It is important to do this with a very fine sanding paper checking all the time if you don't sand you barrel into an oval shape.
3. Leave a small part of sprue on the barrel until you glue the halfs together. If you cut off this part before you glue the halves together you have a large change of greating a hole on the side of the barrel because you also cutted off a part of the barrel it self. The picture explains more:

Make sure you glue the barrel properly together at the pieces where you have the pieces of the sprue still attached! Here an example of a barrel still drying (click on the picture for a larger version):

At this stage the barrel looks horrible but the results will be perfect when finished!

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