Tuesday, 6 September 2011

C1 Ariëte

The C1 Ariëte is a tank developed by Italy in the early nineties. It has a 120mm smootbore main gun and two 7,62 machine guns. The engine is the same as used in the Centauro APC and Dardo IFV so it's a little underpowered tank.

The only model availible is from Trumpeter, the brand has two in 1/35 and one in 1/72. The 1/72 model of trumpeter consists of about 60 parts most of which are used for the wheels. The tracks are of the rubberband type. This model is a typical Trumpeter model, good molding but simplefied in some areas to keep the part number low.

Pictures of the build model:

Although slightly detail as the Revell offers and about half of the parts I can still recommend this model!

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