Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dual at the wall

Here a very small fignette of two figures set in medieval asia. It features a mongol and a chinese in a dual. The chinese cavalry man is an Italeri figure while the mongol is from Zvezda, not from there newest set though.

The chinese figure is made from the SSM plastic of Italeri which one can sand to remove moldseams. With the Zvezda figure this is a little more difficult since it is made of the plastic usually used for figures. Despite priming the paint didn't adhire so good as with most other figures but the painting was quite doable.

The Italeri figure is a bit over scale but extremely detailed, it won't doa bad job as a 1/32 figure. The flag was made by my self from paper. The base is made from a theecoaster with a piece of painted paper glued on top.

It was nice to make a small diorama for a change. The extensive use of bright colors mixed with silver paint to make them shiny is also a welcome departure from the camouflage colors usually applied to tanks or the non metalic uniform colors of european knights.

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