Wednesday, 4 January 2012

All Revell releases for 2012 announced - Updated

Update: Prices & boxart if availible from this page.

Fresh from the press! I've just read what Revell will release in 2012. There is one really new model which is not much but it is one that many modelers have asked for for years:. It's the Sd.Kfz.7 (no. 03186) and will be released this June if everything will progress as planned! Very nice to see a new model of the Sd.Kfz.7 since the Hasegawa model was really showing it's age. The Airfix model is already insuficient by any standard so a new model of this prime mover from WWII is very welcome. The retail price will be €10,99 (no inflation for modelkits this year!) The picture of the box:
No doubt it will be a perfect match for Revell's Flak 36 (no. 03174) model.

We already knew about these releases:
-21cm Mörser 18 or 17 cm Kanone 18 & FAMO (no. 03188) €unknown, I guess €20 and €25 max. Release date: April 2012.
-TPz 1 Fuchs A4 (no. 03114) €10,99 Release date: January 2012
-Leopard II A5NL (no. 03187) €10,99 Release date: February 2012
This really be a Leopard II A5 and not the longer barreled A6 as used by the dutch army the last few years as we can see on this picture:

Also released will be:
-Merkava Mm.III (no. 03134) €10,99 Release date: April 2012
-Warrior MCV (no. 03128) €10,99 Release date: July 2012
-A "Stalingrad" set featuring a diorama base, T34/85, Pz.Kfw.IIIL, German and Sovjet infantry. €29,99. Release date: June 2012

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