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M60A1 with ERA

The M60A1 is a tank introduced in December 1960 and is a decendant of the M46 Pershing tank; The first allied heavy tank. It features the same type of round hull and turret design. It's armoured with a 105 smoothbore gunbarrel and is still in use by many countries in the world. One of it's most noticeble features is a kind of 2nd turret for the commander. There are basically 4 variants of the MBT version of the M60:
  • The M60A1: The first version, this one is quite primitive it can't aim at a target and drive at the same time for example.
  • The M60A2 starship: A version of the M60 a radically different turret armed with 152mm gun. This gun is also able to shoot guided missiles.
  • M60A3 with better electronics.
  • M60 20th century: Verions of the M60 with upgraded armor and electronics. The Sabre is an example.
The M60A1 with ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor)

The M60A2 'Starship'

The M60 Phoenix, an upgrade by the King Abdullah II Design & Developement bureau.

One of the ways to make a tank more armored is by adding extra armor. An example of this is Explosive Reactive Armor. The idea is that, when a shell hits the tank, an externally fitted plate is fired by an explosive in the direction of the shell deflecting it. This is also done for the M60A1 and Revell has made a model of this particulair version (no. 03168). This model is not in production at the moment but the version with a D9 dozerblade (no. 03175)is however. The ERA version is availible from ACE Corporation (Revell's Japan brand)at the moment.

The model has about 200 parts which all fit flawlessly. The underside of the hull has a typical round shape and is made out of several parts. the only minor point are some markings molded on the side for the grabhandels only present on the A3 version. The detail is outstanding, this is simply one of the best kits on the market today. On to the pictures of the model, I painted mine in a desertcolor (Revell aqua color 36116/RAL 1024 'sandy yellow' with a wash of 36182 Dark earth) As always, click on a picture to see a larger version.
Highly recommended. Some parts might be small and difficult to assemble if this is one the first models you make but these parts can hardly be seen.

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