Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Achilles tank destroyer

A quick blog on the Achilles tankdestroyer and the model made by Armourfast. The M10 tankdestroyer was developed by the allies during WWII as a fastmoving armored vehicle able to destroy german tanks like the Pz.Kfz.II, III and IV used in the 'blitzkrieg'. The tank had the same chassis as a Sherman tank but less armour to make it lighter and faster. The M10 was armed with a 3" or 76,2 mm gun. The British also aquierd these vehicles but mounted it with the much more potent 17-pdr gun. This version of the M10 is known as the 'Achilles'. At first look these tank destroyers look just like tanks, the only difference is the fact that they have relatively weak armour, suited to repel shots from AT guns with a caliber up to 50mm but not from heavier weapons used later during WWII.

A real Achilles. Armourfast makes a model of the vehicle in 1/72. This is a kit with a limited number of parts for wargamers but with it's hard plastic tracks, precise 1/72 scale and availability it serves as an excellent basis to detail the model yourself. With +/- €9,00 for a box with 2 kits it is also very cheap.

Box of the amourfast offering of the Achilles. I think I added about 100 parts. Most made for pieces of sprue (for the exaust and stretched sprue for the rods to attach the stowage too, I can't think of the right word right now), plastic sheet and copper sheet. The turret is open on the top just like the real thing but closed on the underside. No need to scratchbuild the entire interior if you don't want to. The pictures speak for them selves I think. Click on them for a larger version:

During the building process:

On a diorama base:

Compared with the Armourfast Firefly:

Recommended for everyone wanting to (practise) scratch building your own details, wargamers and modellers who don't demand the finest detail.

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