Sunday, 15 July 2012

Roman Legionary II Century A.D.

MiniArt managed to get a very realistic face with an interesting expression on the figure.
The roman legionairy is very well know as the backbone of the roman army. Infantry always was very important in European armies and the legionair represents one of the heights of European militairy history in this respect.

During the ca. 1000 years the roman empire existed the equipment, weapons and look of the legionair changed considerably. Most know are the legionairs from the 'imperial period', those with the segmented armor instead of chainmail.
MiniArt made a nice plastic model of this soldier in 1/16 scale. Being made of plastic the price at the moment is about €15,00 a lot less then white metal offerings giving almost everyone the change to build and paint this large scale recreation of history.
But how good is this large scale representation of the imperial legionair? I made it model a few years ago but remenber it very well. It is cast in normal styreen with a lot of flash that had to be removed. The best way to do this is by building the model in subassemblies and sand them before gluing the whole thing together. When building the model the experience is the same as with a ACE model; A lot of flash but all parts fit. Once the flash has been removed you have a plastic jewel. It was a bit hard to fix the body to the 'skirt' but this is general a difficult part when building large scale figures. Gluing the gladius (sword) to the belt is not difficult but almost impossible to do realisticly. Apart from this there are no special things to mention about this figure. I guess this figure is quite suitable for the beginner too, but patience is needed.

Enough talked, on too the pictures!

(That's right, the shield is detailed on the backside as well!)

A decal is availible for the shield but I liked this patern more so I hand painted it:

I recommend this figure to everyone on a budget wanting to build a large scale figure. Basic modeling skills and patience will be needed. Miniart has a whole series of historical minatures with romans, greeks, late medieval knights, the rennaicance, napolic wars and a samourai. From the roman eara the following kits are availible:
  • 16007 Roman Legionairy I Century A.D.
  • 16008 Pretorian Guard II Century A.D.
  • 16009 Roman Legionairy II Century A.D.
MiniArt is working on a figure of a gladiator, kit no. 16029. For more figures and photo's of the sprues see the MiniArt website.


  1. Hey. the Roman soldier looks like fantastic. Congratulations for it.
    And a good figure from Mini Art Miniatures