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Sd.Kfz. 7 Revell 03186

UPDATE: I noticed some questions arose on webfora regarding the wheels and front of the model. I added better pictures of these:

A few days ago Revell released there model of the Sd.Kfz. 7 prime mover of the german army during WWII.

It is quite some years ago a manufacurer released model of the Sd.Kfz. 7 It was Hasegawa in the '80's which and their version is quite a nice model. But how does Revell's reïncarnation of the Sd.Kfz. 7 looks like? The question can be aswered with: 'Impresse' Let's take a look at the parts! Wheels & tracks: The wheels are very detailed, the also have a raised rim seperating the wheel center from the rubber ring around it. This was not the case on the Hasegawa model. The tracks are made out of one plastic part which has to be bend around the weels. Revell suggests using warm water to make the tracks softer but there is absolutely no need for this, the tracks go around the road wheels easily without heating. There tracks are also incredably detailed, even the holes in the track sides are present. When I tried to put the tracks on I found them to be 2 links to long which is easily solved by removing two links. Finally the model is delivered with 3 track lengths, one spare in case something goes wrong.

Smaller parts: Smaller parts make up a detailed in- and underside. The underside won't be seen unfortunately but it is very detailed containing fueltanks, winch, the underside of the engine, transmission housing and the complete exaust. Levers for the driver, headlights and with indicator rods are also among the smaller parts of this model. For the storage rack on the back of the vehicle some plastic has to be bend again This went without problems aswell because the parts are thinner at the bending places. A piece of acetate film has to be cut to size to simulate the window.

Large parts: The largest parts are the chassis, sides and canvas cover. The sides feature the possibility to open the storagespaces in the rear of the vehicle. Revell also provides a 'face' for that space representing stored munition. The casvas is nicely moulded too. There is no detail in the inside but the outside suggests where the frame is underneath. The rivets are a bit small for my taste but are probably in scale.

Is there anything not too like? In my kit there was a sinkhole in the part containing the window and there are two punchmarks in the front parts near the headlights. Also no anti slip patern is featured on the floor and the daskboard is provided in the form of decals and is not molded in.

Verdict So is this a kit of the Sd.Kfz.7 worthy of the 21st century? It definitely is. Although it is not perfect it is certainly a lot better then the models availible until now. If you put the Hasegawa and Revell offering together for example the difference in the running gear will be most obvious. Also the headlights of the Hasegawa version will be grotesk. The canvas of the Revell model does fit the Hasegawa model after removing the 'folded' canvas molded on as standard by Hasegawa. If you have two Revell models, the spare tracks might be use full to replace the rubber tracks on the Hasagawa vehicle. Two last pictures of the almost completed vehicle:
This model offers enough a make a very good Sd.Kfz. 7 and provides some spare parts. Recommended.

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