Saturday, 4 August 2012

Message for my followers and new releases

Hello to all, first I like to thank my followers for reading my weblog and commenting. I also look at your weblogs and try to comment aswell. The 'commenting function' doesn't seem to work in my brower however..... I also tried replying myself on my own blog but even that doens't work. So thanks for commenting and it is appreciated eventhough I never reply. I do enjoy reading your weblogs aswell.

Now there also is some news. Revell announced a few extra releases for 2012. For 1/72 tanks they are:
In 1/35 scale two militairy cars are released:
  • V3000S, Kit No. 03234, Release: November
  • G4 staff car, Kit no. 03235, Release: October

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