Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tech Tip V making ground for a diorama from paper

When making a diorama you are obviously and minimally making a a piece of ground. This can be done by gluing real sand to a diorama base. The sand you find in your garden or maybe a forest near can be quite okey. I usually use paper as a first layer for my diorama's. I paint the paper in the colour of the ground I like to represent. Advantage is that you can get colours that might not be available when using local sand. (Here we have very little desert sand for example). Specific sand can also have a too coarse grain to be useful for a diorama. Paper can also be used to put over styrene foam you used to make hills and mountains out of making the diorama less vulnerable. The problem however is that most sorts of paper suck-up a lot of paint. When I needed to make a base for the warelephant I ran out of normal paper so I used gift wraping paper instead. This is slightly pastified and the paper hardly sucks up paint at all! Before I paint the paper I fumble up the paper en unwrap it again. This causes the paper to break a little at the surface of the folds. Diluted paint will flow in these crevices more easily then in the normal paper leaving an interesting pattern:

Here some photos of the difference in painted normal and wrapping paper:
The wraping paper is covered while it took less paint to get it covered. A final picture of the result:


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