Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hop on, ride along! HaT tankriders

You can find articles on armoured vehicles and figures here, time to combine these subjects by a review of a set of 'tankriders' released by HäT a while ago. Tanks are fighting machines but they can be ideal for soldiers to ride along with. On wartime photo's of tanks with many soldiers taking a lift can be seen. HäT released 4 sets of 'tank riders':
All as soldiers from WWII. All sets contain 4 sprue's with 11 figures. Two of the figures per sprue are tankcrew and two others van be used as figures sitting on the ground as well. The other 7 poses are usable exclusively as 'tankriders'.
The uniform if the figures are very well done, the bags and guns they are carrying are a bit more 'vaguely' molded. These are not top figures but quite good never the less. On a scale of 1 to 10 they score about a 7.5 in addition, they are the only 'tankriders' available apart from exclusive resin productions.
I myself got the set with Britsh tankriders and painted 2 of the sprues or 22 figures. I thought I could 'equip' two tanks with these figures but they could almost all sit on one! I have two sets of photo's, one with the riders on an Armourfast Cromwell tank and one on a Sherman Firefly (also from Armourfast). The figures on the Cromwell tank might sit a bit strange since they are not glued to the tank and it was difficult to get them all in place.
On the Cromwell tank:

The two figures with these poses can also by used in a role other then 'tankrider':

The figures on the Sherman Firefly:
Recommended except if you only want absolute top quality and/or just a few figures on a tank. Resin productions might also be a feasible option.

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