Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 (Revell) Releases

Happy new year everyone!
Let's hope 2013 will be a prosperous year in many ways.

When it comes to modelling I hope you will all have a productive year with satisfying results.

Revell announced what they will release until the end of this year and there are some brand new items of interest:
  • The Strv. 122A/B (Kit No. 03199), the Swedish version of the leopard II which was announced earlier this year. Expected to be available end February.

  • Sd.Kfz. 7/1 with a Flak vierling, armoured cab and ammunitions trailer (Kit No. 03195). Expected to be available end of May.

  • Sd.Kfz.251/16 (kit No. 03197). Expected to be available end of July.

  • T-90 (Kit No. 03190) The latest Russian MBT with parts for a Russian and Indian version. Expected to be available at the end of September.

These are all interesting releases. All of these will retail for €12,00 and (except the Sd. Kfz. 251/16) have never been available from a large manufacturer in 1/72 before. The Sd.Kfz. 7 'cargo version' (kit No. 03186) Revell released last year was disappointing according to some. For the 7/1 version the upper half of the vehicle is almost 100% new so it is interesting to see how it will turn out. Either way with 4 new releases in 1/72 and 3 of them never available before in 1/72 this promises to be an interesting year. Added to that there are other manufacturers who will no doubtly also have interesting releases. (in the last 2 weeks of 2012 Zvezda released a 1/72 Panther Ausf. D which looks very promising for example)

Revell will also release a number of previously tooled models which where out of production several years:
  • StuG. III G (kit No. 03194) Nice detailed well fitting model, recommended
  • M4 Sherman (kit No. 03196) Not recommended

A few other releases I also found noticeable namely:
  • 1/35 Leopard IIA4 Dutch version (kit No. 03193), available end of this month.
  • 1/35 Dingo scout car (kit No. 03233), to be released end of October.
  • Several American WWII planes in 1/144 (kit No. 04928 too kit No. 04935).
  • 1/144 Sikorsky CH-53G military cargo helicopter (kit No. 04858) to be released end of June.
  • 1/144 Virgin Galactic Space Ship 2 (kit No. 04842) should have been released last year.
  • 1/200 miningmachine, limited release of 1500 (kit No. 08813) to be released end of june.
All planned releases from Revell for 2013 can be found here.

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