Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Interesting news from ACE

UPDATE 15-4-2013 the Pak 44 is now in production and should appear at retailers soon I was browsing the web and noticed that ACE has posted news on a model to be released this year. It's the german 12,8 cm PaK44 heavy AT gun mounted on the carriage of a french M1918 fieldgun. The german build 12,8mm gun itself was also used in the jagdtiger. The kit will have number 72521. More news here, on the ace website.

Highlights from other manufacturers include but are not limited to:
  • Zvezda kit.5003 Topol ICBM launcher (fast build model)

  • Italeri kit.7070 Leopard I A3/A4
The Italeri kit is the old ESCI model but there are no better models of this Leopard I version available. Other releases are some M113 variants from Italeri and a T90 and IS2 from Zvezda.

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