Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Polish Leopard II

In 1999 Poland joined the NATO and as time progressed the Polish army received more western equipment. In 2002 Poland bought 128 Leopard II A4 tanks from German stocks in the context raising of a German-Polish army division. (The estimated market value of these tanks was €380.000.000) The German army also trained 420 crew members as an additional contribution to the division. All Polish Leopard's feature the standard NATO three color scheme, sometimes added with white in the winter.

An 'eastblock' T-72 in NATO colors with it's 'western' counterpart, the a Leopard II A4 in the background. Both serve in the Polish Army now.

The tanks are basically the same as the German leopard II A4's so there are models availible from Revell, Hasegawa and Dragon. I build the Hasegawa model which I reviewed before. This time I build it as an A4 type instead of an A2 type. This basically means I omitted the 'central antenna' from the model. I also have two a few pictures from the build that might be of interest; The track 'module' containing all the wheels and track in one part per side and a picture of the improved handles on the turret. The 'track modules':
The handles:
I painted my model in the standard NATO three color scheme. The Polish vehicles are identified by a four digit number on the turret and an emblem representing the 'wings' of the 'Polish winged hussars', the legendary Polish cavalry who played an important role in many battles. This is the emblem of the 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade in Świętoszów where the vehicles are based. On to the pictures!

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  1. It's not T-72 per se, it's PT-91 "Twardy", polish T-72M1 modernisation (some T-72 were upgraded to PT-91 standard, but there are PT-91 made as brand new tanks as well, for example malaysian tanks). Just a thought...