Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Revell 03199 Strv 122A/122B Swedish Leopard 2

Updated March 9th2013! see the last two photo's

When Revell released the Leopard II A6/A6M late 2011 I hoped the Swedish version would also be released since this version looks quite different due to it's extra armor. Luckily Revell planned to make such a model and two days ago I saw it for sale at revellspecialist which obviously means it is released! Time to take a look

I like the picture on the box:

The main difference between the Swedish and German versions of the Leopard are the smoke grenade launchers and the extra armor. These and some other new parts are all located on a single new sprue, a small sprue contains the barrel identical too the A5 version of the leopard. (The Swedish version of the leopard is an A5 with extra armor)

The new sprue, click on the photo for a larger version:

The main part with the extra frontal armor, additional parts make up the full frontal arc:

The most noticeable difference is the turret which not only features extra armor but a whole different rear compartment aswell:

The back of the Swedish leopard has some slight differences from the German version:

The rest of the model is the same as the Leopard II A6/A6M, reviewed here, and completed here.

Now this is a great model of one of the most modern versions of the leopard. The Spanish and Greek army's have a leopard with the same armor but the longer L55 gun. Combining the gun and smoke grenade launchers from the A6/A6M allows you to build a Spanish or Greek version, enough possibilities!

I finished the build (apart from the side skirts I will attach after the wheels and tracks are painted). The fit of various parts is excellent. The extra armor and rear of the turret are made up from several interlocking parts but it all goes together like lego! I had no difficulties assembling the model at all. Unfortunately I lost the tip of the barrel so I made an extra one from modified return roller so be aware the kit part is a lot better then my replacement. The extra photo's:

Highly recommended.

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