Thursday, 28 March 2013

strv. 122 B - completed

Last weekend I finished the Strv. 122 B released by Revell last month as kit No. 03199. The review of the kit itself can be seen in this linked post.

Revell provides 4 decal options and a 3 or 4 toned colorscheme. I chose a 3 colorscheme of light green, dark green and black.
For bright green I took 'globlin green' from Valejo game color range, the dark green is a mixture between Revell's bronze green with a bit of white. Revell recommends an other mixture but this color looks spot on compared with the real thing. The black is Revell's dustgrey toned down with a black wash. All rivets and panel lines are accentuated by a wash of darker variants of colors mentioned above.
The periscopes are painted by a mix of silver and red. I think the red looks good with the bright green so I also painted the snowclads on the turret in a red toned rust color.
I didn't use the decals to safe some time, they are not very promiment on the 122B version but decals are supplied.

On to the pictures! Click on them for a larger version:

The biggest differences between the 'regular' and Swedish Leopard II are located on the front of the hull and the rear half of the turret:

The Strv.122 compared with the Leopard II A6M:

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