Monday, 20 May 2013

A mini review on, and news from miniart

Today a very small review of a model from Miniart and some news from this company.

The review

The "Netherlands Musketeer" (kit. No. 16010) from Miniart was released a few years ago. This figure depicts a Dutch soldier from the 17th century, the birth time of the country now known as "The kingdom of the Netherlands", The country where I live. In 1581 several Dutch provinces signed the 'Plakkaat van Verlathinge' in The Hague declaring them to be independent from the Spanish Empire. This was signed because the reign of Pilip II was felt as a 'tyranny'. This word is literally used in the text, 'to drive out the tyranny' is an often heard motivation among the Dutch rebels. An 80 year struggle known as the '80-years war' followed. The war ended in 1648 with the Dutch provinces being independent from the Spanish empire and the Dutch golden century began. (The first hostilities began in 1568 thus this episode in Dutch history was called the 80 year war)

Miniart released their kit of the Dutch Musketeer a few years ago. I made one to give a way as a wedding present for an uncle living abroad. Just like the kit of the Roman soldier the parts needed a lot of sanding but the all fit together and I didn't need any filler to complete the model.

There are several small ropes and strings on the figure holding gunpowder bags and such. I replaced the plastic parts by real cord braid from three wires, red, white and blue. The colors of the Dutch flag. The kit usually comes with a sprue containing the helmet, my kit contained a sprue from the the French Musketeer with a different hat. Now that turned out to be a very well made mistake by Miniart since that type of hat is a symbol for the Dutch struggle for freedom. This hat is also known as the 'freedom hat' and is depicted in the logo of the JOVD, the youth department of the Dutch Liberal Party (where youth is 18 to 35 years old).

The logo of the JOVD with the 'Freedom hat'

I think this model is a very nice figure in a large scale (1/16). It needs a lot of sanding to get the figure right but it can be made in to a nice figure by anyone with basic modelling skills. Recommended

The news

For 2013 more plastic figures in 1/16th scale are planned. The following figures caught my eye, all represent men at arms from the last century and a half of the middle ages:
  • Kit No. 16021 XV Century knight
  • Kit No. 16023 Crossbow man XV Century
  • Kit No. 16025 Medieval footsoldier
  • Kit No. 16027 Medieval archer
  • Kit No. 16031 Medieval handgunner
Kit no. 16021 to 16027 are expected to appear 'soon' according to the Miniart website.

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