Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ei ylinopeutta, Suomen pansarri Leopard II

The title is, if my and Google's Finish is correct, 'No speeding, Finish Leopard II'. Finland uses 139 Leopard A4's bought from Germany in 2003. 10 of these are converted by Patria in to minesweepers, known as the Leopard IIR. The Fins also made a few modifications to their tanks. The differences are highlighted in the next photo:

Initial differences between the 'standard' and 'Finish' Leopard II A4 are marked red on the photo, later modifications yellow (click on the photo for a larger version). The differences are:

  1. A box on the left front side of the turret.
  2. Different handrails on the turret sides.
  3. A more open side skirt at the drive wheel.
  4. Larger stepholes in the side skirts. I didn't made this on my model because the difference is very small, hardly visible and I was afraid I wouldn't get it done properly
  5. The Finish started place stowage boxes here just as on the A5/A6 version of the Leopard II. This photo is made before this modification. I also omitted these from my model.

I build the model from Hasegawa's Leopard II kit no. MT34 reviewed here. The box on the turret is made from a 3 by 3 mm styrene beam, handrails are made from 0,5mm plastic rod and the mofication of the side skirt rear is done by cutting of the last part of the side skirt and glueing a thin styrene strip on it's place.

I chose to put this leopard in a diorama inspired on this photo:

I covered the base of diorama with paper and painted it in a darkbrow color. On the places where I wanted to simulate a lot snow I glued kitchen paper. I also used this for the 'dune' of snow on the side of the road. Over this I applied gridded chalk with water. White glue can also be applied on the paper before applying the powder. I think I have to put some what more 'snow' in certain area's. Once dry it looks quite okey. I finished the ground by placing grass made from hairs of a brush bought at the Do It Yourself market. The tree is made from a twig, the snow on this twig is again made from chalk. The road is made from the plastic of a box of butter. The sand on the road is made from pastels. I used a lighter tone here as on the tank because the sand scattered on the roads to make them less slippery in the winter is of a lighter tone as the soil offroad. The speeding camera is simply a cm long styrene beam on a 0,5 mm copper rod. The car is 1/76 metal model from 'Oxford'. It is completed model for collectors or kids so no assembly or painting was needed. I chose a Volkswagen Golf because this type of car is popular with young men having to much testosterone and too little driving experience leading to frequent violations of the maximum speeding law.

On to the photo's!

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