Friday, 31 January 2014

A news update from MiniArt

Last week MiniArt published their 2014 catalogue for download and they announced no less then 9 new figures. Most of them are from the 3th century BC and are all men at arms that fought with or against Alexander the Great apart from kits no. 16045 which is a Charthaginian warrior and 16036 which is a greek Hopelite from the 5 century B.C. The odd one out in this list is kit no. 16037 which depicts a Spanish Officer from the 17th century.

  • Kit no. 16036 Greek Hoplite V Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16037 Spanish Tercio Officer 17th century
  • Kit no. 16038 Macedonian Guards Officer III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16040 Libyan Warrior III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16041 Epirote Phalangite III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16043 Samnite Warrior III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16045 Carthaginian Guards Warrior III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16047 Etruscan Hoplite III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16048 Macedonian Phalangite III Century B.C.

Still on the release list are the five figures of men at arms from the late medieval period. They are announced in the 2013 catalogue but none of them was released in 2013. Photo's of the master model for the archer are posted last august however.

  • Kit no. 16027 Medieval Archer
  • Kit no. 16021 Knight XV Century
  • Kit no. 16023 Crossbowmen XV Century
  • Kit no. 16025 Medieval foot soldier
  • Kit no. 16031 Medieval handgunner

I think it is great that MiniArt is planing to release these five medieval figures, let's hope they will actually manage to do it in 2014. The prototype model of the archer looks promising for sure. Many parts will be the same for the other figures but I doubt the release of all 5 will be seen this year.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

F-15E A real american (strike) Eagle

The eagle well liked as a symbol in the USA and especially in the US air force. Thus it was quite a surprise to see it took until the late 1970's before an aircraft nicknamed 'Eagle' can into use. The F-15 Eagle was build as a dedicated fighter aircraft specializing in engaging other aircraft. 5 versions of the Eagle are made. The A and B version are the first version with 1 or 2 pilots respectively. The C and D versions are more modern reincarnations of the A and B. With the introduction of the F-15E Strike Eagle the aircraft took on a whole new career path.
The F-15E Strike Eagle is a ground assault version of the F-15 made as a replacement for the F-111. The other contender for this role was the F-16XL, a heavily modified F-16. The F-15 was chosen over the F-16XL Its lager and more powerful airframe is considered to be more robust and it was cheaper to develop. The 'standard' F-15 already had advanced electronics and is more than capable defending itself against other aircraft so the F-15E Strike Eagle is able to carry out missions deep in hostile area without the aid of electronic aircraft or fighter escorts. The most noticeable difference between the F-15E and other variants are the extra full tanks on the hull sides. Usually the F-15E is painted in a darker color and has two targeting pods under each jet intake to simultaneously laser guide multiple bombs to their target. The F-15E is in use with the United States Airforce, Saudi-Arabia, Singapore, Israel and the Republic of Korea.

A few photos, in the first one, the extra fuel tanks are not attached to the aircraft yet but can be seen on separate carts. Update 13-2-2014: I learned from Dazzio's comment below the article that these fuel tanks are made as special modules and can be attached or detached. The picture of the green F-15 is the prototype, a modified F-15B.

The Revell model (kit No. 03996)

Revell released a new model of the F-15E last year. This is a model of a specific aircraft that joint the "Tigermeet of the Americas 2005" so the targeting pods characteristic for the F-15E are not included unfortunately as they where removed from the real aircraft for this event. The model is perfect in any other sense. The cockpit fits perfectly on the rest of the hull. I haven't build an F-15 in a while but this was always a difficult part in models from other manufacturers. Because it a model of a specific 'tigermeet' aircraft there are no ground assault weapons included, only 4 sidewinders, 2 sparrows and two fuel tanks. I added bombs left over from Dragons A-10 and the Micro Ace aircraft weapons set A. I gor the targeting pods from my spare parts box but I have no idea from which model they originally came. I painted the whole aircraft in a 1/1 mixture of Revell's mat blue (acrylic paint no 36156) and dust gray (acrylic paint no. 36177) to get the 'night grey' or 'blue gray' color the Strike Eagle's had during the 1990's. In the cockpit I added belts to the ejection seats. I used the decals from the kit itself cutting out only the pieces I needed and left the tiger stripes for what the are.

On to the photo's!

This is a perfectly molded kit of the infamous F-15E Strike Eagle. The only downside is that their is hardly any ordinance and the targeting pods, so characteristic of the aircraft, is not included.

Monday, 6 January 2014

A small news update

A small news update today with new releases for 2014 announced in the last days. Click here to see announces for 2014 made in 2013.
  • Revell will release a Boxer (kit No. 03198) in 1/72 scale, planned: June 2014
  • Also a M48 G2/GA2 in 1/35 (kit No. 03236)due for September.
  • Masterbox announces the release of the following kits: The Mk.I 'Male' and 'Female' announced earlier are for sale at (for example) Modelhobbies.
Other interesting releases include:
  • A Eurofighter typhoon 2-seater in 1/144 from Revell (kit No. 04879) to be released in June of this year:
  • A LSM (landing ship medium) in 1/144 with tanks, trucks and an armored car (kit No. 05123) to released in August
  • Not really a modelkit but very cool and scientific, a T-Rex (kit No. 02091):
    To be released in Februari.
A list of all releases can be found here.