Friday, 31 January 2014

A news update from MiniArt

Last week MiniArt published their 2014 catalogue for download and they announced no less then 9 new figures. Most of them are from the 3th century BC and are all men at arms that fought with or against Alexander the Great apart from kits no. 16045 which is a Charthaginian warrior and 16036 which is a greek Hopelite from the 5 century B.C. The odd one out in this list is kit no. 16037 which depicts a Spanish Officer from the 17th century.

  • Kit no. 16036 Greek Hoplite V Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16037 Spanish Tercio Officer 17th century
  • Kit no. 16038 Macedonian Guards Officer III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16040 Libyan Warrior III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16041 Epirote Phalangite III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16043 Samnite Warrior III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16045 Carthaginian Guards Warrior III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16047 Etruscan Hoplite III Century B.C.
  • Kit no. 16048 Macedonian Phalangite III Century B.C.

Still on the release list are the five figures of men at arms from the late medieval period. They are announced in the 2013 catalogue but none of them was released in 2013. Photo's of the master model for the archer are posted last august however.

  • Kit no. 16027 Medieval Archer
  • Kit no. 16021 Knight XV Century
  • Kit no. 16023 Crossbowmen XV Century
  • Kit no. 16025 Medieval foot soldier
  • Kit no. 16031 Medieval handgunner

I think it is great that MiniArt is planing to release these five medieval figures, let's hope they will actually manage to do it in 2014. The prototype model of the archer looks promising for sure. Many parts will be the same for the other figures but I doubt the release of all 5 will be seen this year.

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