Monday, 6 January 2014

A small news update

A small news update today with new releases for 2014 announced in the last days. Click here to see announces for 2014 made in 2013.
  • Revell will release a Boxer (kit No. 03198) in 1/72 scale, planned: June 2014
  • Also a M48 G2/GA2 in 1/35 (kit No. 03236)due for September.
  • Masterbox announces the release of the following kits: The Mk.I 'Male' and 'Female' announced earlier are for sale at (for example) Modelhobbies.
Other interesting releases include:
  • A Eurofighter typhoon 2-seater in 1/144 from Revell (kit No. 04879) to be released in June of this year:
  • A LSM (landing ship medium) in 1/144 with tanks, trucks and an armored car (kit No. 05123) to released in August
  • Not really a modelkit but very cool and scientific, a T-Rex (kit No. 02091):
    To be released in Februari.
A list of all releases can be found here.

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