Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mk VI Female, wargodess

The Mk.VI 'Female' was an English tank from WWI. It was essentially the same vehicle as the Mk.VI 'Male' but this armed with 5 machine guns instead of 3 machine guns and 2 canons. With almost 600 vehicles made it was the most produced tank of WWI. The German army had almost no tanks during WWI so infantry was the principal enemy of this tank making 2 extra machine guns a more logical weapon then 2 canons.

Emhar has produced a model of the Mk.IV 'Male' (kit No. EM5001) and Mk.IV 'Female' (kit No. EM5002). Both kits are essentially the same. The only difference are the sposes on the side of the tank. The review of the Mk.IV 'Male' van be read here. Comments apply to the female tank as well except for the sponses. These fit perfectly for this version.

Decals for several British and vehicles captured and used by the Germans are supplied although I didn't used any. I painted mine as a captured example in German service.

A few pictures of the Mk.IV Male & Female together:

And so photo's of all WWI tanks currently released by Emhar:

Like the Mk.IV 'Male' this is a very good model of one of the first tanks to fight on the battle field. The small numer of parts make it suitable for beginners as well although the may want to skip the installation of the rails on top of the vehicle.

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  1. Hello - my name is Sarah and I work for a television company in the UK. We are currently making a new program about WW1 tanks, specifically the MKIV. In part of the program we mention all of the surviving tanks from around the world, along with a photograph to illustrate. Our director found the 'Grit' photograph on your blog and I wondered if it would be possible for us to use this? You can reply to my work email address if you'd prefer; - I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,