Sunday, 16 March 2014

Duel in the forrest

Quite some time ago I bought the 'Duel on the ice' set (VM015) from Valdemar Miniatures. It depicts a teutonic knight and a standard bearer from eastern european people in a duel over the standard (or flag). Flags played an important role in coordinating troops on the battlefield well before, during and after the middle ages. Capturing a flag of a 'unit' usually meant the unit was defeated and a flag was often taken as a trophy.

The figures are are cast in white metal and are of a very high quality. At the moment the set retails for €10,00 which is a reasonable price I think.

I read in 'European Medieval Tactics, Vol. 1: The Fall and Rise of Cavalry 450-1260' (ISBN10: 184908503X, ISBN13: 978-1849085038) that the Teutonic knights prefered to fight during the winter because the had heavier horses and equipment then there opponents. It also made moving around in forests more easy. I chose to depicts such an environment for this duel. I painted the warrior as a more 'senior' men at arms with many colors on his clothes. I painted the Teutonic knight having a more simple armor and clothes to create a contrast and set the whole scene in a forest.

The first 6 pictures are taken with light from sun set to give a 'winter like glow' to the light. Click on the pictures for a larger version: