Thursday, 19 June 2014

A small news item from MiniArt

A small news item from Mini Art appeared on their website yesterday stating they moved their company to Kiev following the annexation/secession of Crimea:

"Dear Modelers and Customers, as you may know our country have faced many problems this year.

Situation in Ukraine and particularly in Crimea forced us to relocate business to the capital of our country - Kiev.

All facilities was transported successfully and we were able to keep all our key personnel.

Right now MiniArt is in reorganization period but it's planned to restart all activities in nearest future. We are already preparing new models for release and soon will announce what these models are.

We would like to thank all of you for the concern and support in these difficult and full of changes time for our company.

MiniArt team"

Although it is true that worse things are happening at this moment in Ukraine, having to leave your home, company and start over again is a very costly and damaging thing as well. I wish all employee's of MiniArt and their family's success and goodluck (re)starting their lives and hopefully all of Ukraine sees the end of this crisis soon.

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