Friday, 27 February 2015

An item on the Long Range Desert Group

The Long Range Desert Group was a British/Commonwealth army unit founded after Britain declared war on Germany in 1940. Italy had a Libya as a colony at the time and was allied with Germany thus posing a possible and from June 10th an actual threat. The Italian 10th army was defeated in December 1940. The Italian forces where reinforced by Erwin Rommel and his 'Afrika Korps' and the real trouble began for the British and their allies.
The main task of the Long Range Desert Group was reconnaissance, thus monitoring enemy moves, gathering information and sometimes leading other army units through the desert. Occasionally raids on enemy outposts where conducted. The unit was formed mainly by volunteers most noticeably from New Zealand. The vehicles used by the unit where Jeeps and various trucks. These where stripped from non needed parts, equipped with special condensers to recycle water from engine radiators, a special sun compass for navigation and various heavy guns. The unit consisted never out of more then 350 men playing a vital but almost literally unseen role in WWII.

Revell kit no. 03225 is a set of a Jeep and 30 cwt Chevrolet with modifications making them suitable as L.R.D.G. vehicles. Apart from the vehicles the set also contains a lot of supplies in the form of boxes, bags and jerry cans. To complete the set 4 figures are included. I made my set without any modifications or extra details. The Chevrolet is not a completely right model as it comes from the box, it contains two separate seats while in reality there was a single broad 'bench' to sit on for the crew. For a super detailed accurate work of art, check out Florin David's L.R.D.G. Chevrolet.

I painted the Jeep from my set pink. This seems to be a weird colour but in a desert it can actually be used as a camouflage colour. It gets even weirder when I read here that some vehicles where painted bright pink. The website contains other interesting information on the Long Range Desert Group as well. The Chevrolet is painted desert yellow with blue grey camouflage. The blue grey is supposed to be faded dark grey. My models could use some sand since the look a bit to clean now.

Recommended although there are some in accuracies. Maybe not suited for a beginner because there are many small parts.

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