Sunday, 1 February 2015

New releases for 2015 from Revell and others.

Let's take a look the releases planned for 2015 by various manufacturers!


From Revell we have various interesting releases in different scales. Starting with armour in 1/72 scale a mix of completely new, variants of existing models and re-releases:
  • Sd.Kfz. 7/2, Kit No. 03207, variant on an existing model, available now.
  • Tiger II B (Porsche Turret), Kit No. 03138, re-release, available now.
  • M60A3, re-release, available in March.
  • T-80 BV with ERA, available in April.
  • Panther A/D, Kit No. 03107, re-release, available in May.
  • Sd.Kfz. 9 Famo, Kit No. 03141, re-release, available in June.
  • Sp.Pz. 2 Luchs, Kit No. 03208, re-release, available in June.
  • Boxer A1, Kit No. 03209, variant of the boxer APC released last year, available in July.
  • PaK 40 with crew, Kit No. 02531, probably a repack of the Italeri model, available in August.
  • Sd.Kfz. 7 & FLAK 37 set, Kit No. 03210, re-release of two separately released models, available in September. See a review here. I don't think the Kommando gerät is included anymore.
In 1/35 there are:
  • 4x4 Landrover Off road vehicle 109, Kit No. , re-release of an Italeri model, available now.
  • Zil-131, re-release of an ICM model, available now.
  • ATF Dingo 2 A3, variant of a model released last year, available in April.
  • T-34/76, Kit No. 03244, re-release(?), available in July.
  • GTK Boxer SAN (Medivac vehicle), Kit no. 0.3241, variant of a model released last year, available in August.
  • Leopard I productionbatch 2,3,4, Kit No. 03240, new model, available in September.
  • Leopard II A5NL, Kit No. 03243, variant of a model released last year, available in October.
For 1/144 fighter aircraft we have:
  • MiG 31 Foxhound, re-release(?), available in April.
  • MiG 25 Foxbat, Kit No. 03969, re-release(?), available in May.
  • Eurofighter "Bronze tiger", Kit No. 03970, variant of an earlier released model, available in June.
  • F-16 MLU Tigermeet, Kit No. 03971, variant of an earlier released model, available in July.
  • F-15E Strike Eagle with bombs, Kit No. 03972, makes you wonder why they released one without the bombs, available in August. See a review here, I've added bombs from MicroAce.
Other interesting releases include a Flower Class Corvette in 1/144 Kit No. 05132 available October. Also an ANWB Trauma helicopter (medical helicopter) in 1/72 Kit No. 04939 to be released in July. More new and pictures can be found here and here.

Toxso Model

Toxso model is a new manufacturer from Hong Kong. They released a Scud B on a MAZ543 Truck in December of 2014. For 2015 the following models are planned:
  • Sk.18 105mm howitzer and 5 figures.
  • M102 105mm howitzer and 5 figures.
  • M1141 155mm howitzer
  • T55
  • M109A2
  • M109A6 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer
These are some unique releases, the Scub B, M1141 and M109 have never been released in 1/72 before. Available at Hobbylink Japan.


Pegasus is a manufacturer from the United States so there models are difficult to get by in Europe but they can be ordered at Hannats where they are know as manufacturer Pegasus(A) and Pegasus(P). Pegasus will release 3 dinosaur models in 2015 in 1/24 sacle! These models must be absolutely massive!
  • Spinosaurus, Kit No. 9552, available now.
  • T-Rex, Kit No. 9551, available April 30th.
  • Triceratops, Kit No. 9550, available April 30th.

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