Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Rames II

Rames II was one of the most successful Pharaohs to rule Egypt. One of his most important achievements is to defeat the sea people's. These where people that raided coastal area's just like the Vikings would do more then a millennium later. The biggest differences with actual Vikings is that these sea people's actually did wear horned helmets. Rames II defeated them successfully in 1278 Before Christ. Rames II ruled until 1213 Before Christ retaking a lot territory previously lost. A lot more about Rames II can be read on the Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

Andrea Miniatures makes a figure of this famous Pharaoh (product no. SG-F119). The figure on these pictures is made by 'Don Italeri'. He mentions that the main parts of the body should fit together slightly closer at the height of the leopard skin but the fit is perfect otherwise. I painted the figure and the result can be seen here. The photo's are not my best but the figure is back with it's builder so I can't take better ones.

this is a very nice figure of an Egyptian Pharaoh. At slightly over €20,00 it is not very expensive for a metal figure. The 'stairs' and accessors are included.

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