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LAV AT version

The LAV-AT is an abbreviation of 'Light Armoured Vehicle-Anti Tank' and it is a vehicle with a complicated family. The LAV is based on the Piranha armoured vehicle developed by the Swiss manufacturer 'General Dynamics European Land Systems – Mowag GmbH'. This manufacturer builds most vehicles in use by European armies. It is also build in licence in Canada and the United States of America. There are 5 generations of this vehicle and 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 variations have been build with the 8x8 being the most common. The vehicle serves as a platform for a number of variations ranging from engineering vehicles to Air Defence variants. Specialised parts such as turrets and engines from a range of different manufacturers can be used. So there is a lot of variants of this vehicle to go around with the US Army Stryker no doubt being the most famous.

The subject of this post is the LAV-AT in use by the US Marines. This is an amphibious version of the LAV. The maximum speed in the water is 10 km/h and on land 100 km/h. The model is a version of the 'old' AT version in use since 1983. Work is done on a upgraded version to be in use until at least 2035. The 'old' AT version is armed with 2 wire controlled missiles in a small semi-robotic turret.

The model

The model of the LAV-AT is Trumpeter Kit. no 07271. It model is not very complex. The biggest parts are the under and upper side of the hull. The upper side contain a lot of detail, jerry cans, cable cutters, smoke granate launchers and exhaust are among the parts to be added separately. Lifting eye are moulded as solid protuberances and a hole should be drilled trough them. On the underside some parts for the suspention have to be fitted. The tires on the wheels are made from real rubber saving you the trouble of painting them separately. The model can be painted in a standard NATO three tone camouflage scheme.

The photo's of the finished model:

Here two photo's of the LAV with the most common version the Stryker and US Army's M1 Abrams. Note how heigh the missile launchers of the LAV-AT can be raised.

The model is simple to build. The semi-robotic turret is quite a unique feature of this specific version giving it a very distinctive look. Recommended for beginners also.
From the entire 'Piranha' family Trumpeter produces:

  • 07255 Stryker
  • 07269 LAV-R (Recovery version with a crane)
  • 07270 LAV-C2 (Command and control version)
  • 07271 LAV-AT (Anti-tank version)

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