Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A long tracked, short run experiment

The Mark IV was one of the most produced British tanks of WWI. It was able to cross trenches. One of the things one can do against a trench crossing tank is making the trench wider. An antidote to this is making a longer tank. Both happened and one of the longer tank experiments is the 'Mk. IV tadpole'. It is basically a Mk. IV with longer sponses. A few prototypes where made and used in tests. Versions with a mortar on the back and also radio's where tested. The trench crossing results proved to be unsatisfactory and the British Army focused on the development of the Mk. V. A vastly improved version of the Mk. IV but just as long.

Emhar released a model of the Mk. IV tadpole last year (Kit. No EM5005). It is basically the same as their Mk. IV model except for the parts that make up the sponses. You do get all the standard Mk. VI 'male' parts however. The model of the 'tadpole' is slightly easier to make since the rails on top of the tank don't have to be made. Emhar provides a mortar but I left mine off. I painted the model green and left it in a state as good as new as if it was driving fresh out of the factory. It is a prototype after all.

The Mk.IV 'Tadpole'

the tadpole' is quite longer then the 'male' and 'female' Mk.IV's:

With the other models from the range:

The total range of Emhar WWI tank models reviewed: