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Romans vs Celts

The roman empire is of course well known. During it's 1000 year existence it went through considerable changes in size, structure, policy and even the location of it's capital city. A wealth of information on the empire can be found on the web, libraries and other information sources. About the Celts however the information is very scarce. The term is mostly associated with the 'Celtic cross' and 'Celtic music' and 'Celtic culture'. The Celtic culture and language is very old and was present in central Europe, France and the south of Germany and influenced many tribes. Celts and Germanic's are often depicted with the same garment and weapons. The Germanic culture might be seen as a follow up on the Celtic culture but I'm not sure.

Seil Model made a 1/32 or 54 mm scale set of five figures and a resin base titled 'rome vs celts'. There are:

  • A Celtic standard bearer.
  • A Celtic warrior.
  • A roman standard bearer.
  • A legio optio.
  • A roman archer.
Judging by the roman uniforms the scene takes place in the 2nd century AD. For as far as I could find out the enemies could be germans or gauls as well. All figures are well done and consist out of 5 to 15 parts depending on the figure. For the roman standard there is a hard steel rod included, photo etched parts and a hand or eagle as a choise to put on the top of the standard. The straps on the back of the 'plates' have to be cut from led foil included in the set. As mentioned all figures are great and the base as well. The part with the head and helmet of the Celtic standard bearer of mine specific set wasn't fully cured when removed from the mall but I think that is just the case in this set.

When assembling the set there are three things to pay special attention to.
Firstly don't fit the two lowest items of the roman standard until you put the figure on the base. I checked if I could fit everything on and still have the standard rest on the rock while the figure held it. That seemed to be possible but when everything was ready that turned out to be an error in my judgement.
The resin base is to made to be covered in static grass. Some pieces are clearly imprints of styrofoam so be sure to cover that.
Finally there is a paint suggestion included. the celts are very well done but the leader shoulder coverings of the roman standard bearer are painted as if it was metal and that is incorrect. Correct examples of how it should look can be found all over the place including here.

I found the diorama a but busy with five figures, also the Celtic standard bearer is walking straight in to the firing line of an arrow shot by someone 2 meters away. That was very unrealistic so I kept the archer to be made later and put on it's own base. I also omitted the 'crest' on the legio optio's helmet making it a normal legionnaire. Next to static grass i also added some paper plants.

The pictures, it was difficult to get the lights right:

This is a great set but especially the small squares on the Celtic warrior make painting it difficult, not for beginners. Unfortunately Seil Model is bankrupt for several years now so the product is not for sale anymore.

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