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News for end of 2016 and start of 2017

These days not every manufacturer announces what they will release for the coming year (Revell) or releases a catalog with products but release very different ones (Trumpeter) which is really surprising. But what is announced for 2017 and released so far is once again a very interesting bunch.


Revell traditionally does re-releases in the first four months of a new year and new releases after that. As an armor re-release a Leopard I A5 and Leopard I Bridelayer (kit No. 03307) will be released in March of this year. For October a variant on T-55 is scheduled, the T-55AM/AM2B (kit No. 03305). As a complete new release rumors about a M-109G Howitzer (kit No. 03306) are rampant on the internet. This model might be released in September.

In addition to this, Revell asks for ideas. Via this page you can send one idea once per month. If you send an idea more often your previous idea will be overwritten.


I have understood Trumpeter has already released a few models that are not listed in their catalog. So let's take a look at the surprise releases none of which have ever been available in 1/72 plastic before! They are all Russian vehicles, first we have a SAM-6 launcher (07109). Then 4 sovjet tractors from WWII: The Voroshilovets (0711), The Komitern (07120), the ChTZ S-65 Tractor with Cab (07111) or without Cab (07112). To be released any moment are the JS-4 (07143) and JS-7 (07136). All models are easy to builds with 20 to 30 parts. Also to be released are a few versions of the T-62 and T-84.


Sceduled are a plethora of variants of the FV-6** such as the FV-603B Saracen mkII armored car (kit No. 72433), the FV-622 Stalward mkII 6x6 truck (Kit No. 72432) and FV-651 Salamander Fire Truck (kit No. 72434). Two versions of the Russian 'tiger' light utility vehicle (kit No.'s 72177, 72184) are also planned as well of a kit of it's French counterpart, the VBL (kit No. 72420) which really looks like a vehicle from a Sci-Fy movie. For fans of the more heavy vehicles variants of the Russian BTR-70, the Anerican V100 and variants of the in 2016 released European Centurion mk. III are also on the release list. Not released in 2016 but still in development are models of the Centauro 8x8 light tank. Ace is well known for the many AT gun releases they did in the past. This heritage is not forgotten in 2017 with two versions of the 6 pounder gun (kit. No. 72652, 72563) and the 37 mm Flak 36 (kit No. 72570). Also planned are the Sd.Kfz. 6 and T-28 Tank. This is a very ambitious list with many vehicles released that where not available in 1/72 scale. No doubt they won't be able to release all of it in 2017 but it is a very fine line up of products with something for everyone. So keep your eye on this company in the coming years. They planned releases can be seen in this pdf catalog.

Other interesting releases

In 1/16 scale Trumpeter just Released a T-72. A few variants are to be released as well. It's American counterpart in the form of the M1A2 AIM Abrams and M1A2 SEP v2 Abrams are also to be expected.
Model collect is in the process of releasing a number of variants of the MAZ truck and Oshkosh 8x8 Trucks, also previously unavailible in 1/72 scale.

Not an armored vehicle but still interesting is the 1/35 Hitachi ZAXIS 135 US Excavator from Hasegawa.

A large range of Star Wars models is available from Revell in Europe and the US. These include new vehicles from 'The Force Awakens' and 'Rogue One' as well from the classic Star Wars IV, V, and VI movies. Before buying a kit take a good look at the level and part count. Some kits are 'level 1 kits' with a few parts but with lights and sound effects. These are easy to put together and marketed at kids and smaller children who want to play with the models as well. Other kits are also easy kits but have more parts and are simple but real models. A number of easy kit pocket's released first 10 years ago seem to be produced as normal models in November and December of 2016. These include the Naboo Fighter, Snowspeeder, Tie Fighter, X-wing Fighter, Darth Vader's Tie Fighter and Tie Interceptor. Kit numbers on the boxes I have are 03601 to 03605 and 03611 but I'm not sure if these numbers are identical to there prepainted easykit variants. All these kit's are at about the same scale so they have great diorama potential. This year it is also 40 years ago that Star Wars debuted so more releases are on the way including a large scale Star Destroyer, a Sith Infiltrator en Clone Trooper Transport seen on Jedi news.
Bandai also released a number of Star Wars kits but these are only available for whole sale in Japan. The ranges of Revell and Bandai have largely similar vehicles but the Revell range has an AT-AT while Bandai has an AT-ST. Bandai also have a lot of figure kits molded in the right color's which Revell doesn't have. Revell is not allowed to sell in Japan and Bandai in the US and Europe directly. Smaller internet shops can sell the products to consumers however.

For a quite complete list on what is to be released take a look here. All in all there have been quite a few very interesting releases in the last months and there is no sign of stopping this trend for 2017. The number of vehicles never available in 1/72 before is huge compared with just a few years ago.

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