Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A small preview of the FV-4005 Stage II 183mm JS tank killer

Here a small preview of one of ACE newest releases, the FV-4005 Stage II 183mm JS tank killer. This is the model of an experimental British tank destroyer developed during the 1950's. It was developed to counter the heavy JS-series tanks developed by the Soviet union. It consisted out of a massive 183 mm AT canon mounted in basically a pillbox on a centurion tank hull with earthspade added to the back, probably to withstand the recoil.

Ace released a model of this experiment. The hull is equal to the hull of the Centrurion Mk. III released in 2016 but the turret parts are new. As with all new ACE releases this model comes on sprues with parts numbers on them, greatly simplifying the task of finding the parts on the sprues. A small fret of photo-etched parts is also included, mainly for the structural ribs which are externally mounted on this vehicle. The detail on the parts is a bit soft compared to other brands. There is a lot less flash on the parts compared to earlier releases. The model has about 150 parts so it is not really suited for beginners. The tracks are a two piece vinyl affair which is not my favorite but they will do.

Photo's of the new parts

The instructions with the new parts:

The first sprue with new parts:

The second sprue and photo etched parts:

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