Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mk. I Female - The first iron lady

The Mk.I 'female' was almost the same tank as the Mk.I 'male' tank but equipped with four machine guns instead of 2 machine guns and 2 sixpounder guns. Masterbox makes a great model of this tank (kit No. 72002), almost identical to their Mk.I 'male' reviewed here. Almost everything thing written their about the real thing and the model is applicable at the female version as well. More on british tanks from WWI can be read here so on to the photo's.

The box art features a intriguing color scheme:

I painted my model as recommended on the box. On the back of the box there is a color drawing and the colors are also numbered, the numbers can be found in a table describing the color. The descriptions just don't match the colors on the drawing.

With the Mk.I, also the Masterbox model:

The model can be made easily, virtually any camouflage scheme can be applied and it has a few photo etched parts that are quite easy to apply. what is not to like?

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