Thursday, 17 August 2017

Revell 03198 GTK BOXER GTFz A1 finished

GTK Boxer

The Boxer is one of the newest wheeled armored vehicles, originally developed by Great-Britten, Germany and France. The French left the project in 1999 (this really is a Eurofighter dejavu) and the Dutch joined in in 2001. The empty weight of the vehicle is 24 tons but can be loaded to a total weight of 36 tons. It has eight wheels and a powerful 720 hp engine in the front. The back is a separate module that can be taken off as one whole piece and replaced with an other one depending on the mission requirements. There are several modules such as an cargo module, infantry carrier (with remotely controlled machine gun), command center and ambulance. The vehicle is used by the German, Dutch and Lithuanian army. The Australian, Britsch and Romanian Army are seeing if it can be used in their armies.

A British test model in Union Jack colors

The Revell model

Photo's of the parts on the sprues can be seen here in an earlier review. The model went together without problems. The 'bar' above the exit on the rear does have a sinkhole that needs filling. I also see a large gap between the engine cover and the rest of the hull. I think I glued it on correctly but I can't see there is such a prominent gap between it and the rest of the hull near the middle so you might want to take extra care when fitting this part. I fitted mine after the whole model was painted. The mirrors for the driver are the most fragile part. The mirrors are placed at an angle 45 degrees from horizontal (or vertical) but in the wrong direction so these need to be bended 90 degrees. The plastic is relatively soft so it can be done with some care. On to the photo's:

this is a very nice model from Revell. Quite suitable as a first model.

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