Thursday, 22 July 2021

July 22th 1227: The Battle of Bornhöved

On July 22th the armies of Valdemar II and the Hanseatic League clashed at Bornhöved. The Hanze cities of Holstein, Mecklenburg, Hamburg, Lübeck and Ratzeburg where conquered by King Canute VI and Valdemar II. Not happy being under the rule of the Danish king the German vassals rebelled. Prior to 1227 several battle's took place and Adolf of Holstein managed to capture some Danish nobles. I read it even was Valdemar II himself but the Wikipedia page on the battle stopped mentioning this between the time I read about it and I am writing this. Either way the Hanseatic Legue where victories and secured their independence from the Danish crown and ended Danish claims in the east sea territories.
A picture of the battle is drawn shown here:

Form a modelling perspective this is a very interesting picture. It shows the flag of the Hanseatic legue, knights with great helmets some of which are crested and the battle takes place on grass. Valdemar Miniatures makes set VM076 "Danish Knight vs. Livonian Knight" but I thought it was very suitable as a depiction of the Battle of Bornhöved as well. The Danish knight is clearly royalty, Valdemar himself offcourse. His spear is broken on the shield of his opponent, in this case Hanseatic calvaly symbolizing the point at which the Danish military powers of the day where at their breaking point.

On to the pictures!

Great set, very well made figures and a lot of story in this small scene, highly recommended!

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